I’ve always thought that my life is too ironic. Like, I could make a lot of money off of how weird or awkward moments in my life are. Think about that with yourself in mind, do you relate? If you don’t, I’m sorry because those moments have added a lot of laughter and value to my existence. Not only have they provided me some weird comfort, they also bring some sunshine to others.

I hope that I can offer you constructive perspectives from my life encounters, whether it be from learning adult life, pursuing grace and truth, or getting on my feet as a new nurse. Other random happenings may also pop up. My goal is that someone (maybe yourself) may be able to gain from my experiences, learn something unexpected for themselves, or even find comfort that they are not alone.

My name is Brooke, and I was born and raised in Oklahoma, USA. I have lived a charmed life, for the most part. I grew up in a rural area and moved to a much bigger town for college, so I have had the pleasure of being shaped by both country and city. I have graduated with my BSN and am taking my RN nursing boards soon. I will begin my career as a critical care nurse in June, Lord willing.

My faith story is a little complicated, whose isn’t? [If yours isn’t yet, I’d challenge you to challenge yourself.] I identify with non-denominational, however I do hold membership at a baptist church. I have realized that theology is not black and white. I am in the middle of having more questions than answers, and it never seems to end. One constant through the endless uncertainty has been the local Church. This is something that excites me as I have poured a lot into it the past two years, and definitely am looking forward to future contributions.

Things I like: cats, Gilmore Girls, coffee (from lattes to black coffee, I don’t discriminate), embroidery, grace, traveling, art, all things nursing, reading about different Biblical theology theories, buying gifts, listening to podcasts, driving, and eating sweets.


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